• avatar Alex Haywood 16 November, 2018 07:08 pm

    A great week for one of our traders you netted profits of around $250,000.00 for the week trading everything Brexit related. We are excited to have all these three keys days of him Live Trading recorded and explained of how he approached and traded these Brexit market moving news in our price ladder course. To see all the analytics of his performance then click link below to see what times of the day he made money and in which markets.

  • avatar Alex Haywood 15 November, 2018 10:32 am

    For the second day running like in the previous trading session (Video available on the Price Ladder course) the market was highly sensitive to Brexit news hitting the global newswires. Todays performance where one of our Elite Traders netted over $80 000,00 was the result of understanding the importance of the markets sensitivity to Brexit Related comments. The entire world was waiting upon UK Prime Minister Theresa May speech at 10 Downing street after a 5 hour cabinet meeting to see if she would gain her cabinet approval on the draft Brexit Agreement between the EU and UK. The markets this Elite trader was looking to trade were the GBPUSD, UK 10 year treasury futures, German 10 year Bonds and other sensitive markets. The main lesson in these trades was how to decipher the news hitting the various newswires. As the day evolved there were multiple comments hitting the markets many from the twitter world where as a trader you would need to quickly workout how credible the source of the information and using the reaction of the Price Ladder to determine how much risk capital to expose to the markets and which markets to hit. In the Price Ladder trading course we show the live execution of this trader over these comments and the main lessons of how to trade news that creates market volatility, action and flows. Click link below if you wish to see his performance analytics form the day and which markets he made money.

  • avatar Alex Haywood 13 November, 2018 05:19 pm

    How did you execute your trades on Sterling (6B) and UK Treasury Market (R) when the Brexit announcement was made regarding calling a cabinet meeting tomorrow. Click the link to see how one of our Elite Traders performed on these trading comments.

  • avatar Alex Haywood 13 November, 2018 12:09 pm

    Did you trade the recent Mid-Term USA Elections? Here is the performance analytics of how one of our Elite traders performed trading the USA elections courtesy of Jigsaw new performance tool for traders. In our price ladder course we show the live execution of how this AXIA Trader traded Live over these elections. https://axiafutures.com/course/trading-with-order-flow/